We have recently taken delivery of a Martin Audio wavefront line array.

The Martin audio W8LM PA system is a legendary line array system that not only allows great flexibility for both indoor and outdoor use but also due to line array technology and amazing acoustic coupling can create constant results across long throughs or multiple height planes. We decided to go with W8LM as we can offer this at an affordable hire rate to our customers and from the size of each box is highly modular and compact. With this new PA system we hope to be able to cater for more theatre and conference events while benefiting from line array technology for outdoor events. For our larger events we can use the W8LM PA system for side fills and delay towers while using the larger W8LC line array for main hangs. We recommend using the W8LM system with Linea Research amplifiers both 44m20 and 48m10.

This line array system uses the W8LM array speakers – the main directional speakers, in conjunction with the W8LMD – down fill speakers to compliment the W8LM to create a more efficient array. This means you never have to perform a J array curve.

With this new line array PA system we hope to serve venues and events in Bristol and around Bristol.

Our total stock of Martin Audio now sits at…

x20 W8LM

x12 WS218X

x4 W8LMD

Contact our Bristol office today to talk about Martin Audio line array hire or PA system Hire from bristol across the UK

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