We would like to make you aware of the information we collect from your interactions with our site and service.

Site Tracking and Cookies

We collect information upon each visit to our website for the duration of the session about the following things…

IP Adresses – Both your devices IP and fixed and non fixed broadband ip addresses
location and time demographics
Browser used – both version and plugin configuration
Operating system platform
interactions whilst using the website- e.g time spent on pages, mouse interactions, the order in which you view pages, at what point you may have contacted or called us, Errors you may have encountered while on the website and page response time to your device.

We then analyse the above information we collect from you to administrate our site and view our performance with an aim to improve our users experience.

This is a standard marketing tool called Google Analytics and is provided as a Google product.

Contact Enquires

We may collect your information via a contact form on our website or email enquiry.

The information you provide will only be used to contact you in regards to your enquiry and other customer service related incidents.

We store your information safely using a third party protected server and we will contact you directly if there are ever any security breaches.

You have the right to request this information we have stored and also ask that we remove it. This can be done by contacting us at info@loudhire.co.uk. Please allow 7 working days for us to respond.

If you have any further questions please contact us by clicking here.