• Gorgon City

    Private Party

Project Goals

We provided the world famous DJ Gorgon City with sound equipment to play the perfect set for a private party, with a mix of deep house, disco and funk beats.

The atmosphere was electric, with everyone dancing and having a great time. Gorgon City takes the crowd on a musical journey, playing tracks that seamlessly bridge the gap between old and new, classic and modern. With a selection of both vocal and instrumental tunes, Gorgon City’s set is a combination of classic dance floor anthems and cutting edge new releases.

“Thanks so much for all your support. Everything looked amazing, thank you!” – Aerospace Bristol

“It was a pleasure to work on this project and were very happy with the results on the night!” – Tom Grey, Loud Hire Director

What we used and what we did?

We supplied a pair of Pioneer CDJ3000 dj players along with a DJM900NX2 dj mixer. We also supplied a shure SM58 handheld microphone for announcements.

FOH PA system was a complete Electrovoice ETX system comprising of x2 Electrovoice ETX12P loudspeakers and x2 Electrovoice ETX 18SP Subwoofers.