Drama without distraction

Productions such as theatre, musicals and dramatic experiences can easily be misinterpreted by the wrong use of lighting, sound and effects. We believe these three services should come together to enhance the mood of the performance where appropriate. Lets take a common instance where deep colours like blood red is used to light the stage, this heavy colour alone can without appropriate use of front white lighting can lose facial expression and animation so the audience can not grasp the emotional mood.

Back lighting in theatre
Moving head beam

The best experience in every seat

Lighting should, where required, provide even coverage of the performance area, whether on a traditional Proscenium stage or an ‘In the Round production’. This can be achieved by careful planning in the design stage in conjunction with the set design by correct selection and placement of luminaires working around large scenery where necessary.

For example stage flats generally require steep front lighting from generic fixtures whereas ‘Cut Flats’ such as trees may need a harsher light beam from the rear to provide depth and feeling to the scene.