What makes a Horn speaker system so different?

Horn speakers are the least versatile speaker we stock. we recommend these for outdoor use only and in situations where music is not required to be played through the system. Horn speakers are best suited for applications where speech announcements need to cut through a noisy environment such as motor shows or large event sites. The sound produced from a horn speaker (dependant on type) can travel up to a mile and a half.

Horn speakers were one of the first sound reinforcement sources to be invented and typically run as a mono system. As technical advancements were made other speakers became a more popular choice for music production and other live sound work. One of the first producers of horn systems were ‘tannoy’ this brand has often been adopted by people to use when describing a horn system.

We stock smaller horn systems for schools and fetes or large horn speakers for festival sites and camping sites.

Benefits to using horn speakers?

  • One of the benefits of using a horn speaker system is that they are low impedance.- This means that multiple speakers can be linked in a line off of one amplifier and you are able to have cable runs of over 1 mile between speakers.
  • These speakers are waterproof and in some cases storm proof
  • These speakers are light and can easily be mounted to existing structures and scaffold
  • horn speakers generally sound loud and harsh to the ear, in the event of an emergency or important announcement this can help the information be heard.
  • Horn speakers are inexpensive to hire due to there long life expectancy and durability.

For more information on sound reinforcement click here or for information on feedback using these speakers click here

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