COVID-19 Statement

We will allow organisers to postpone events due to COVID-19 without any additional charge. Alternatively they can roll over 75% of payments towards a 2021 event.

To qualify for the above relief we would require the event to be postponed no later than 1 week before we were due on site.

As usual we work on a ‘by appointment only’ approach to visits to our warehouse.

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Theatre lighting hire

Enlighten you performance with…

  • Followspots
  • Stage lighting – Both LED and Tungsten
  • Effects lighting
  • Advanced lighting control 

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LDR Canto Followspot
Radio mic hire

Lift the volume of your performance with…

  • Radio Microphones 
  • Digital mixing systems
  • Loudspeakers and subwoofers
  • Processing

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Stage lighting investments for 2019

We have recently added new effects lighting and followspots to our hire stock.

New LED Effects lighting

We recently took delivery of x12 Elumen8 Tour Batten TW’s Main features include…

  • Lower power consumption than a regular ‘sunstrip’
  • Warm and cold LED’s within creating the same warm colour trail of a ‘sunstrip’
  • RDM enabled control
  • Will run on a ‘sunstrip’ show file
  • 8 or 16 bit dimming

LDR Canto 1200 MK2 Followspots

The Canto 1200 Mk2 Followspots are a high output compact followspot with all the desirable characteristics you would expect of a professional ‘spot light’ Some of the main features include…

  • Well balanced fixture for seamless operation
  • Smooth shutter/dimmer
  • precision iris
  • High output
  • 8°-22° Beam Angle
  • Up to 40m throw

LDR Canto Followspot


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Digital amplifier technology

New Linea Research power amplifiers now in stock!

We have made the jump from analogue to digital and we done it without compromise!

Our amp racks for our Martin audio W8LM and W8LC use to compile of x4 19kg yamaha amplifiers and would require 2 of these racks to power the W8LM PA system and up to 10 racks to power the larger W8LC system. Not only was this a heavy system taking up valuable weight space in the van but also would still require external processing.

We needed amps that where lightweight, powerful, reliable and above all would make any system sound its best. There are a lot of digital power amps on the market, however we easily narrowed the contenders down based on the minimum load they could handle, processing ability and multi channel options. On each of these Linea research came out on top with stable output at 2 ohm, 96k processing, Advanced processing control including Linea Phase Crossover technology and 4 channel and 8 channel options both in a 2u rack footprint. 

We went for the 48m10 and 44m20 range of amplification. The 48m10 provides 8 channels of 1250w at 2,4 and 8 ohm with control on the front panel for all main features which the competition was lacking. The 44m20 provides 4 channels of 5000w at 2 ohm, 3000w at 4 ohm and 1500w at 8 ohm. We hope that this is the start of a continuing investment in Linea Research both as our business builds and our requirements. 

To find out more about our Linea Research stock or to hire please contact us today. Or to find out more about Linea Research visit…

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#linearesearch #44M20 and #48M10 added to stock.

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New Elumen8 Alu HEX Par 64 LED stage lighting

LED investment for Bristol Based Events

We have just taken delivery of twelve Elumen8 Alu HEX Par 64. On paper these are highly impressive boasting 12 x 12W Red, Green, Blue, White, Amber and Ultra violet LED’s and brightness of 5,600 Lux @ 2m – full on. They also feature industry standard Powercon in and outs and a more rugged enclosure than most other LED Par’s.

Upon arrival we decided to throw them straight into the deep end and put them next to a x3 650w halogen RGB par can.To our amazement the Alu HEX Par 64 out powered the halogen alternative by over 30% and with stronger colours too!

We went on to look at colour mixing with the 6 colours available. With the addition of Amber and White you are able to create a very natural white light source that a standard Par Can would have been able to produce. Standard RGB led par’s struggled to re-create a good quality white and often appeared cold/blue or washed out.

When adding Ultra vilot to the mix you can not only use it on its own to make white items glow, but also in conjunction with the other colours to help create a different effect. For instance adding ultra violet to Blue will make a very deep florescent blue.

Their first outing lighting up Bristol

We took these to their first event to the City Road Baptist Church in Bristol for a week hire. We put our round bases on the lights and used them to uplight 4 pillars each side of the church. the remaining 4 units where used as backlighting on the stage. Our client was amazed at how bright these stage lights where compared to previous experience and delighted to have more colour control.

To find out more about bristol lighting projects we have been involved in or would like a quote for your next event then contact us today!

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Back from their first lease. #elumen8

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2018 Event Hire

We are quickly booking up for the summer of 2018 and look forward to building our support to our clients both new and old.

2018 company Goals.

We are well established in the PA hire and event lighting industry fulfilling events requirements across the South of England. As well as continue our country wide expansion and support we are looking to strengthen our local client base and help bring the running costs of local events that so often stop live events from happening under control.

Our equipment.

With investments like line array technology and hex par cans we have built our hire stock to be versatile throughout event seasons meaning our hire sock is just as useful in the summer months on festivals as it is in the winter on corporate events.

Why us?

We believe that planning for an event and the customer support is just as important as the technical delivery on the day. By creating CAD designs and written missions in our Bristol office all of our staff both full time and freelance know there role on site and personal goals. Our equipment is tested in our Bristol headquarters before every event and you will never have equipment turn up fresh off of another event without being tested and prepped.

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Martin audio hire Bristol

We have recently taken delivery of a Martin Audio wavefront line array.

The Martin audio W8LM PA system is a legendary line array system that not only allows great flexibility for both indoor and outdoor use but also due to line array technology and amazing acoustic coupling can create constant results across long throughs or multiple height planes. We decided to go with W8LM as we can offer this at an affordable hire rate to our customers and from the size of each box is highly modular and compact. With this new PA system we hope to be able to cater for more theatre and conference events while benefiting from line array technology for outdoor events. For our larger events we can use the W8LM PA system for side fills and delay towers while using the larger W8LC line array for main hangs. We recommend using the W8LM system with Linea Research amplifiers both 44m20 and 48m10.

This line array system uses the W8LM array speakers – the main directional speakers, in conjunction with the W8LMD – down fill speakers to compliment the W8LM to create a more efficient array. This means you never have to perform a J array curve.

With this new line array PA system we hope to serve venues and events in Bristol and around Bristol.

Our total stock of Martin Audio now sits at…

x20 W8LM

x12 WS218X 

x4 W8LMD

Contact our Bristol office today to talk about Martin Audio line array hire or PA system Hire from bristol across the UK

Public Announcement horn speakers

What makes a Horn speaker system so different?

Horn speakers are the least versatile speaker we stock. we recommend these for outdoor use only and in situations where music is not required to be played through the system. Horn speakers are best suited for applications where speech announcements need to cut through a noisy environment such as motor shows or large event sites. The sound produced from a horn speaker (dependant on type) can travel up to a mile and a half.

Horn speakers were one of the first sound reinforcement sources to be invented and typically run as a mono system. As technical advancements were made other speakers became a more popular choice for music production and other live sound work. One of the first producers of horn systems were ‘tannoy’ this brand has often been adopted by people to use when describing a horn system.

We stock smaller horn systems for schools and fetes or large horn speakers for festival sites and camping sites.

Benefits to using horn speakers?

  • One of the benefits of using a horn speaker system is that they are low impedance.- This means that multiple speakers can be linked in a line off of one amplifier and you are able to have cable runs of over 1 mile between speakers.
  • These speakers are waterproof and in some cases storm proof
  • These speakers are light and can easily be mounted to existing structures and scaffold
  • horn speakers generally sound loud and harsh to the ear, in the event of an emergency or important announcement this can help the information be heard.
  • Horn speakers are inexpensive to hire due to there long life expectancy and durability.

For more information on sound reinforcement click here or for information on feedback using these speakers click here

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Great sound without feedback

Feedback can case a headache in a live sound environment but is something a well trained engineer can easily overcome. Feedback is caused when a microphone is close enough to a speaker that it is being amplified through to cause a squeal. This squeal then stays in a loop because the microphone can hear the squeal back from the speaker so re-amplifies it.

Ways to overcome feedback…

Speaker placement

When designing a basic speech sound system for an event a good rule is to place the speakers as far away from the microphone and closer to the crowd as you can. This doesn’t mean at head height on the front row (not only would this cause sound reflection back towards the microphone but would also subject the front row of the crowd to high sound pressure levels. Instead place the speakers 3-6 foot above head hight slightly angled down into the crowed. In most cases wherever you are in the crowd if you can see the front of the speaker you can hear it too, so play with the hight dependant on how large your crowd is.

Correct choice of microphones

Some microphones are more sensitive than others and if you are only trying to amplify spoken work we recommend sticking to a dynamic mic. Dynamic mics are perfect in this environment because they mostly have a cardioid polar pattern- This means they accept sound from the front and reject noise from the back. Note- a dynamic mic is only most effective when used close to the mouth the further away you are to the microphone the more gain you require and the more likely you are to then encounter feedback.


Once you have taken the above into account and still require more gain before feedback then we recommend EQ’ing the system or microphone. This means to analyse the sound (either by ear or meter) and find the ‘problem’ frequencies that are causing the feedback and reduce the gain of that frequency either on a graphic or parametric EQ.


Contact us today for advice or help to overcome feedback at your next event