LED investment for Bristol Based Events

We have just taken delivery of twelve Elumen8 Alu HEX Par 64. On paper these are highly impressive boasting 12 x 12W Red, Green, Blue, White, Amber and Ultra violet LED’s and brightness of 5,600 Lux @ 2m – full on. They also feature industry standard Powercon in and outs and a more rugged enclosure than most other LED Par’s.

Upon arrival we decided to throw them straight into the deep end and put them next to a x3 650w halogen RGB par can.To our amazement the Alu HEX Par 64 out powered the halogen alternative by over 30% and with stronger colours too!

We went on to look at colour mixing with the 6 colours available. With the addition of Amber and White you are able to create a very natural white light source that a standard Par Can would have been able to produce. Standard RGB led par’s struggled to re-create a good quality white and often appeared cold/blue or washed out.

When adding Ultra vilot to the mix you can not only use it on its own to make white items glow, but also in conjunction with the other colours to help create a different effect. For instance adding ultra violet to Blue will make a very deep florescent blue.

Their first outing lighting up Bristol

We took these to their first event to the City Road Baptist Church in Bristol for a week hire. We put our round bases on the lights and used them to uplight 4 pillars each side of the church. the remaining 4 units where used as backlighting on the stage. Our client was amazed at how bright these stage lights where compared to previous experience and delighted to have more colour control.

To find out more about bristol lighting projects we have been involved in or would like a quote for your next event then contact us today!

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Back from their first lease. #elumen8

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