Another level of production

Sound and lighting should never distract from any event but should make the platform of the artist more powerful. We understand that every venue and space is different and could cause limitations with rigging, power and accessibility. This is why when we look for new equipment to invest in we look for the scalability options that troubled venues could cause. Not only can less heavy and compact equipment mean we can put on a large show in limited situations but it also reduces the transport costs of getting it to the venue.

High rigging with lighting

Events to remember

Every visitor to your event deserves to experience what they came to see flawlessly. Every event that goes out the door goes with in depth plans and pre briefed technicians. Because of our huge stock of equipment we class this as a safety net when unexpected requirements are produced at last minute.

Do you know what you need? The 3 types of systems are...

Live systems-

A system designed for each venue and event but generally for live music amplification. There are many components to a live system including… Front of house (FOH) PA system, Monitor (foldback speakers), FOH mixer with engineer. Monitor mixer with engineer and a range of microphones and DI boxes.

Horn speakers-

Loud speakers designed for outdoor use for announcements over large crowds (typically harsh sound to the ear, recommended for speech only).

Music playback systems-

These systems are easy to deploy and consist mainly of a front of house pa system, and a foldback of the main pa onto the stage. this is a situation where mostly music is being played back from a DJ or Computer for a dance show. Note: if you are booking a preforming DJ they usually expect you to book Pioneer CDJ’s or Technic decks for them to use – both of which we have in stock.