Different lights for different uses

Every performance can be enhanced by the correct use of stage lighting and intelligent lighting effects.

There are 3 main generic types of stage lights some of which have served the theatre world since the 1800’s. these are Fresnels, Profile’s and Parcans. 

Fresnel are one of the most versatile and controlled light outputs with a soft light which casts not to harsh of a shadow from the actor. the different controls on a fresnel stage light allows you to change the size of the pool of light outputted from the light along with how soft the edges of the light are. with added barn doors you can stop the light spilling into other parts of the stage or off set.

Profiles are a highly controlled theatre light that allows you to insert GOBO’s (patterns) into the light to project over a set or can be used as fixed spotlights due to being able to create soft or strong edge to the light without any spill. In a large theatre profiles can be used from a distance away from the stage to light the front of the stage. this is largely because of different zoom options available.

Parcans Offer the least control over the light but are very simple and quick to use. these produce a fairly soft edge to the pool of light created but cast hard shadows behind objects and characters. this can be useful for back lighting and adding strong colour to areas of the set.

Elumen8 SABRE 2510 Moving Head Hire
Boxing walkway beams

Other stage lights…

Follow spots – more commonly thought of as a spotlight is a profile light with added extras to be moved by an operator during a show to follow actors around set and control dimming and the colour of the light.

Intelligent lights have made the sky the limits especially when creating effects. our range of moving heads allow all the functions of the generic lights but also have pan and tilt functions that can be remotely controlled. these can help add subtle movements to the set and project moving GOBOS onto the set. these can also be used to create air effects descending onto the stage or onto the audience

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