Eliminate the risks before the event

We know the possible headaches of planning for an event and we hope to take some of that stress away. Stage placement can be a huge issue when taking into account where the sound will go, Weather and landscape. Every stage we erect will have had an in depth planning stage before our team arrive. Our powerful design software allows us to enter the technical specification of the stage and the landscape of your site and will produce a stress and safety report. From that we can then make adjustments to the structure design or look at the placement of the stage.

Sound control and design

We have trained noise management technicians to help not only build evidence for your event to continue in the future but also to stop noise spilling into other areas of your event site and thus effecting other stages.

We have the latest in noise SPL measuring which allows us to see what frequencies could potentially cause problems around the event site or effect surrounding areas. In conjunction with our Martin audio W8LM and W8LC systems during setup and tuning of the sound system we can focus the sound into the crowds and limiting spill off site causing un wanted noise pollution. this not only would cause noise completes and your licence being challenged but also would mean you are not getting the most in terms of efficiency out of the sound system.

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