New Linea Research power amplifiers now in stock!

We have made the jump from analogue to digital and we done it without compromise!

Our amp racks for our Martin audio W8LM and W8LC use to compile of x4 19kg yamaha amplifiers and would require 2 of these racks to power the W8LM PA system and up to 10 racks to power the larger W8LC system. Not only was this a heavy system taking up valuable weight space in the van but also would still require external processing.

We needed amps that where lightweight, powerful, reliable and above all would make any system sound its best. There are a lot of digital power amps on the market, however we easily narrowed the contenders down based on the minimum load they could handle, processing ability and multi channel options. On each of these Linea research came out on top with stable output at 2 ohm, 96k processing, Advanced processing control including Linea Phase Crossover technology and 4 channel and 8 channel options both in a 2u rack footprint. 

We went for the 48m10 and 44m20 range of amplification. The 48m10 provides 8 channels of 1250w at 2,4 and 8 ohm with control on the front panel for all main features which the competition was lacking. The 44m20 provides 4 channels of 5000w at 2 ohm, 3000w at 4 ohm and 1500w at 8 ohm. We hope that this is the start of a continuing investment in Linea Research both as our business builds and our requirements. 

To find out more about our Linea Research stock or to hire please contact us today. Or to find out more about Linea Research visit…

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#linearesearch #44M20 and #48M10 added to stock.

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