We enhance what you create

We know that whether you are hosting a Business conference, Product launch or private party you go to a lot of effort to create a luxury environment for your guests. We know the detail that goes into these events and we aim to enhance this wherever we can with unique lighting designs and seamless sound reinforcement.

Our production managers spend 50% of their time working within the corporate sector and its clients and going the extra mile even within the tightest budgets. Because we are also a hire company stocking the latest in sound, lighting and av technology is a must and we never sit on out dated equipment.

Corporate event
Banking summit

From design to the day

Our team can work with you to create a visual reproduction of what we can add to your event space so you know what to expect from your budget and specifications. Don’t forget we can also offer outdoor uplighting, mood lighting, festoon lighting and custom gobo projection for the side of buildings and walkways.