The requirements

To design a full sound and lighting system for a large scale boxing event where 2,000 people spectate from 360 degrees around the ring.

Stage lighting design

The rig we designed for this event includes plenty of ‘white’ light from fresnels for the ring, red and blue tinted industrial looking lights for ambient light around the audience with effect

On the main rig above the ring also includes some ‘Moving lights’ to add effect when the fighters enter and at other show parts of the event- these can be static during the fights so as not to distract from the ring. We also created a light haze in the room so lighting beams where visible in the air.

PA system

We always spec our sound systems to 30% bigger than they actually need to be to ensure plenty of headroom avoiding distortion and increasing quality and depth. Included in this design we rigged 8 yoke mounted PA speakers on our truss structure above the ring and 8 dual 18 inch subs to go at floor level in front of either side of the ring. The total power of this system exceeded 20,000 watts. 


The last requirement was for Co2 jets to be mounted on each corner of the wring facing up for the start, end and entrance of each fight.

For this event we had limited power options that we needed for both the PA system and stage lighting so with the use of digital amplification and LED lighting fixtures we where able to come in lower than the maximum power availability and on budget.

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