The requirements

We needed to provided a large format PA system for the Bristol 10k Race that not only could deliver high quality music reproduction and speech amplification but also seamless coverage for 13,000 runners. The area we needed to cover was over 2km long and required a radio microphone to be used over 1km away from the start line.

The challenges

1.You can not just simply wire up a load of speakers in a line to create a long coverage area. Because sound takes time to travel if you where stood 40m away from a speaker and decided to put in more speakers at that 40m mark when you stand in front of the speaker the audio coming out of the speaker closest you will hear before the speaker further away. To reduce and in most cases eliminate this problem we use careful speaker placement and audio processing deal

2.Standard pole mount speakers run at high impedance meaning that any cable runs over 80m would cause power delivery issues between the PA speaker and amplifier. To overcome this issue we deployed secure amp rack cases every 70m with signal and power in and out

3.Radio microphones are only recommended to be used 100m away maximum from the receiver. in our case we needed to run the microphone up to 1000m away. to achieve this we used 4 high gain omnidirectional receivers through a complex true diversity receiver and with 200m spacing between each antenna we where able to achieve a reliable broadcast between the microphone and receiver.

4.we only had 2 hours to set up. The road leading up to Canon’s marsh was closed only 3 hours before the race was due to start. to deliver this in time we brought in extra freelance staff that received a 2 hour brief and presentation the day before and we designed and made cable looms to reduce cable laying times. 

We also set up a PA system in bristols Millennium Square to be used by artists and entertainment throughout the day.

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